Not everyone needs to wear a watch nowadays. The world has moved on, and we have an abundance of ways to tell the time from looking at the microwave to calling the Naval Observatory.

The most common of these is of course, the small computer that is always with us and generally glued to our hands. This is a great shame as not only do they all look the same, but they make us take the passing of time for granted and waste it playing Candy Crush.

Amongst the greats of the watch world are many brands that have made their way into the vintage watch market. Such timepieces have been loved for decades and used by many others before us. Let’s now dive into exactly what makes them so great with six reasons you should buy a vintage watch.

1. History Can Make A Timepiece

It is often the case that items which have a history and a story to tell are much more valuable and desirable than those that don’t.

This is no different with watches, and in the vintage market, it is entirely possible to get original paperwork, boxes, and sometimes even personal inscriptions with your purchase. These things can leave us with wonder when we buy a vintage watch as to the person or people who owned it before us and what events it must have accompanied them through.

2. A Chance To Own Something Unique

When you buy an original vintage watch, you are virtually guaranteed to own a timepiece that you will not see anybody else wearing.

If you do happen to see someone else with the same brand and style, chances are it will not be the same as yours. Different models, number of complications, and wear and tear from time will pretty much ensure this.

3. Quality That Goes On And On

When you buy a vintage watch you are not guaranteed it will last a lifetime. However, this certainly shouldn’t concern you.

One of the very reasons we would suggest you buy a vintage watch is that watches used to be made from high-quality materials and hand-crafted techniques. Many vintage watches are usually found to have not only been made solely by hand but also benefit from mechanical and incredibly precise movements. This arguably makes them far more likely to stand the test of time than their modern, machine-built counterparts.

4. Value For Money

If you do your research, there are some absolute bargains to be found in the vintage watch market. This is partly due to the durability and quality we’ve discussed, and partly due to the simple fact that everyone seems to have an old watch inherited from a grandfather lying around. Either way, it means that you can pick up a high-quality timepiece sometimes for a lot less than you may think.

5. For The Pure Joy

The biggest and most important reason that you should buy a vintage watch is for the pure joy and enjoyment you will get from owning and wearing one. Each and every vintage watch out there has its own personality, history, and unique story to tell. And if they could talk, there’s nothing they would hate more than to be cooped up in a display case in some cabinet. Watches are made to be worn and used, and any that aren’t fulfilling that purpose should be passed on to someone who will appreciate them.