Parkers Begin Selling Diamonds From The Famous Hatton Garden

As a family run business that’s been in the jewellery trade since 1883, we’re proud to announce Parkers is going into partnership with another leading jewellery merchant based in London’s historic Hatton Garden to start selling diamonds.

Famous for being the diamond capital of the UK, Hatton Garden has been the home of a slew of diamond and jewellery specialists for well over a century.

Situated in the Holborn district of Camden, the area is known around the world for both quality and value, boasting the largest cluster of high-end jewellery stores in the UK. Think of it to jewellery as Harley Street is to medicine, or the West End to theatre.

You may have already heard the name from the infamous safe deposit robbery in 2015, dubbed the “largest burglary in English legal history.” It’s believed the four experienced robbers in their 60s and 70s got away with up to £60 million worth of goods. Not long after, however, the gang got busted and sent down for a total of 34 years, putting to bed their dream of one last raid and an extremely luxurious retirement.

Although several high-profile raids have more recently shone the spotlight on Hatton Garden, it has played a prominent role in the diamond trade since the middle ages. For a long time, it was the home of the global headquarters of De Beers, the world’s largest diamond company that ran 90 percent of the global rough diamond supply up until the 80s.

Its name, Hatton Garden, also has a rich background; it comes from the 1600s, when Elizabeth I gifted the area to Sir Christopher Hatton, the Lord Chancellor of England and a court favourite of her majesty.

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With our wide range of preowned and vintage watches and our dedication to truly royal service, Parkers would sit most comfortably among the shops in Hatton Garden. However, thanks to our many years of success in online retail and ecommerce, we believe it’s more within our expertise to bring Hatton Garden diamonds to the online marketplace. This way, we will not only open the market up to buyers up and down the country, but we’ll do so with incredibly competitive and attractive prices.

The way we buy jewellery has changed a lot over recent years. More people are heading online to buy gifts and wedding rings and the market for pre-owned and vintage wares is growing at a significant rate.

In these exciting times, we’re honoured to be expanding our offering to include diamonds and wedding jewellery that you’d normally find on the streets of the infamous Hatton Garden. We know high-quality and affordable jewellery is currently in high-demand, and we believe with our new range of products we can help customers find exactly what they’re looking for — no matter what their requirements or budget.