For those considering a luxury vintage watch, there are many wonderful timepieces to choose from. But at Parkers Jewellers in Sheffield, one of our absolute favourites is the vintage OMEGA. This is a classic brand that transcends the ages. Most would say it’s up or on par with vintage Rolex in terms of style and status.

When buying a vintage watch, its condition today and how it will perform in the future is crucial. After all, these are investments. The good news is a large selection of OMEGA watches we sell at Parkers have been officially serviced by OMEGA and come with a 2-year OMEGA warranty from the moment we receive the watch back from OMEGA.

The benefits of OMEGA watch servicing are huge – and we’ll go into detail why shortly – but rest assured it means our OMEGA watches are in pristine working order. If you can pardon the pun, they’ll work like clockwork for years to come.

OMEGA Watches: A history defined by style

Better than money in the bank, we believe an OMEGA watch from Parkers could be the best investment you’ll ever make. To explain why, to tell you everything you need to know, we first need to dig into the history.

It might seem an odd thing to say for a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, but to many people the OMEGA brand is timeless. In fact it’s only graced us since 1848.

And for the following 175 years, a worldwide reputation for impeccable style and technical reassurance has followed. This is exemplified by OMEGA receiving the Grand Prize at the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris, the greatest honour given to any brand at the time, in recognition of the entire OMEGA collection. The award was testament to the advancements achieved by OMEGA, its technology surpassing that of all other exhibitors during what was a particularly fertile time for scientific achievement. Many other awards and ground-breaking achievements were to follow.

Take the 1960s and 70s – a sweet spot for fashionable luxury watches – when OMEGA set the trend by making smaller and thinner watches than most other brands. These were models that were highly sought-after by society’s elite. Another barometer of sophistication is that the OMEGA has been the official watch of James Bond since 1995.

Today, OMEGA’s timeless prestige is the antithesis of Apple watches and digital Fitbits. It’s the best way to stand out in a modern, hurried world, and an exceptional flex for your wrist.

an omega watch on a workbench

Serviced for satisfaction

A great luxury watch is only as good as its last service. So, as mentioned before, a large selection of our vintage and modern OMEGA watches at Parkers have been officially serviced by OMEGA. It’s a guarantee we’re proud to offer.

What does an OMEGA service include?

In short, the service restores the function and aesthetics of the watch. But to show you the level of a complete OMEGA service, these are the detailed steps:

1. The strap or bracelet is detached from the watch and the case is disassembled.
2. The movement is taken apart and each component is thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.
3. Each component of the movement is meticulously examined. Worn components are replaced with original OMEGA parts. For movements without a serial number, a technical upgrade to the latest movement version is performed, if applicable. OMEGA also return the original parts that have been replaced for the benefit of the customer who are often fascinated to see the parts that have been replaced.
4. The movement is now meticulously reassembled and all contact points lubricated using the finest lubricants. This guarantees outstanding long-term performance.
5. Next, the rate of the movement is adjusted, and its operational parameters checked for quality.
6. The shine of the case and metal bracelet is now skilfully restored while preserving the original shape of each component.
7. The case is reassembled and all gaskets replaced to ensure water resistance.
8. To finish, the functional and aesthetical parameters of the watch are checked against OMEGA’s stringent standards.

OMEGA recommend you service your watch every 5 to 8 years. This will vary and dependant on the environment and conditions your watch is subjected to.

How long does an OMEGA service take?

It can take up to 12 months for an OMEGA watch to be serviced, taking an average of 6-12 months for a vintage piece, and average of 3 months for a modern piece. This year-long timeframe can be due to various technical reasons and there being so few OMEGA certified watch makers available who have the necessary experience.

The watchmakers must have at least 10 years of watchmaking experience within OMEGA to be able to work on the vintage pieces, so you know your OMEGA watch is being serviced by the best of the best.

An official OMEGA watch service will also usually cost over £500. So you can begin to see the amazing value for money you get when buying from Parkers. As well as saving on this cost, you can jump the queue with a vintage watch that’s already been painstakingly but lovingly restored to its very best.

OMEGA watches and the Parkers promise

Parkers Jewellers was founded in 1883. For 140 years the business has developed to be one of the UK’s most admired and trusted watch businesses. And there’s no better reflection of this than our Trust Pilot reviews. We’re ranked number one in the watch shop category nationwide, for watches of all tastes, from modern to vintage.

But when it comes to OMEGA watches, we do more than just sell them – we wear them, we love them. Plus, the Parkers team knows what to look out for – we do it day in, day out, as sure as the hands tick round a clock face. That’s why we carefully inspect each model that comes through our door. And how we guarantee that a large selection of our vintage OMEGA we sell aren’t just officially serviced but also comes with a 2-year OMEGA warranty from the moment we receive the watch back from OMEGA.

So if you’re considering a luxury vintage OMEGA, buy with confidence from Parkers. From the De Ville to the Geneve, and the Constellation to the Seamaster, these are flawless watches that will only appreciate in value. It provides ultimate peace of mind.