There is no right or wrong way to present yourself to the world as a modern man. Personal style is as varied as one’s personality.

But dressing in fashionable and high-quality wears is the perfect way to project a sense of having it all together. To show you pay attention to the small things and know how to make a good impression. And nothing says you know what you’re doing and where you’re going more than a few good accessories.

Whether you wear a suit and tie or jeans and work boots, make sure you’re that sort of man by making these accessories a part of your wardrobe.


Perhaps it’s the nature of their jobs or just a personal preference, but many men don’t appreciate how much a nicely styled metal or leather bracelet can add to any outfit.

The key is to keep it simple, opt for premium, high-quality materials that will last, and make sure the colour matches your skin tone. If you have a darker tone, silver metallics will look best. For lighter skin, the best choice is generally browns and blacks for their contrast and ability to make a bold statement.


Every man needs a stylish and durable wallet for storing their cards and cash. Whether you prefer a classic billfold type wallet or a simple cardholder, quality is what matters most.

As well as not being reliable, wallets that easily fall apart or wear with little use look sloppy and say a lot about your character. One increasingly popular and practical option for the modern man is a zippered wallet that keeps cash, cards, and even your phone safe when you’re out and about.


No matter what kind of belt you wear, the number one rule is that they should always match your shoes.

There are a thousand different buckles and textures available to express your personal style if you choose, but making sure you wear a quality and matching material/colour is a must. Whether you’re more likely to wear chinos or jeans, you can’t go wrong with a simple and well-made leather belt.


It used to be a requisite for a man to wear a hat on a daily basis and especially at formal events. Today, it’s no longer a must, but for that reason it can be an even more classy look.

Hats add colour, texture, and character to what can otherwise be a drab and dreary outfit. From baseball caps to beanies, fedoras to trilbys, the range of hats for men today is plenty enough for you to find something that works for you and your lifestyle. Make sure to find something that not only fits your head comfortably but also compliments your face shape.


Buying a high-quality timepiece is an investment that will last you a lifetime. There are so many styles, sizes, and features available in today’s market that you are bound to find one that fits you and your style perfectly.

The modern man may be up to date with the latest trends, but when it comes to watches they prefer classic and vintage pieces. Models such as the iconic Rolex Submariner or Omega Speedmaster carry history, prestige, and world-class craftsmanship while still managing to look contemporary.