The right watch is the ultimate finishing touch to any man’s wardrobe. Take the time and money to invest in the right one, and it will undoubtedly be a purchase that you will never regret.

Notice I said right one. Men are much more limited than women in their choice of classic accessories, and so they’re much more difficult to buy for. Paying attention to the more subtle aspects of watches on the market, therefore, can really help to make the difference and express an individual’s style.

That being said, it can still be tough to know which style of watch to wear for which occasion. And the one you pick can make a huge impression on whoever it is you’re trying to impress. A watch says a lot about a man, so pay attention to the message you’re putting out there by choosing a style that matches you and the importance of an occasion.

Business Meetings

A huge yet often overlooked part of business is about projecting a certain image. When choosing a watch for an important business meeting, keep in mind that not a mark goes unnoticed, and may even have an impact on the outcome.

You can’t go wrong with classic styling and high-quality brands here. In big business, it’s not uncommon to sport a vintage Rolex or Omega — something with a bit of weight and heritage. Be careful not to go too flashy though; you want to portray yourself to be on even ground with your clients, so pay attention to their personal taste in watches and style to help guide you.

First Dates

Like the business meeting, a first date can be a tempting moment to show off your gold-plated Rolex or limited edition racing watch. But bold and flashy to some are quickly translated into ostentatious and obnoxious by others.

Stick with a classic design with a leather or plain metal band, for example, a mid-range dress watch or a vintage dive watch. A robust watch like this can be easily coordinated with the smart/casual look for a bold yet subdued statement.

Family Dinners or Weddings

When attending more formal occasions or trying to impress the in-laws, there’s really no limit to how flashy you can go. You’re more likely to be dressed in formal attire for such events, and what better time are you going to get for a little bit of showing off?

That means vintage Patek’s, Breitling’s, and Omegas should all come out of the cabinets. Most importantly, though, make sure to match your strap to your jacket or accessories colour. If you’re wearing a black leather jacket, for instance, a black leather band or silver metal bracelet is best. For blue, opt for brown leather and gold metal.

Drinks With Friends

There’s no need to overthink your accessories when heading out to the pub, however, you do want to be weary that it’s often when you least expect it that you run into the person you want to impress most.

A comfortable, casual choice is the best route here. A dive watch with a stylish metal or leather band is a good option, or maybe a pilot watch with a not too overly crowded dial. Anything too fancy can clash with the casual style of your outfit and, again, give away that you’re trying to hard. If in doubt, think classic, quality, and simple.