With the way the world is going, more and more people are getting accustomed to using their phones and devices to check the time. For men, this is not only a huge inconvenience when in a business meeting or out on a date, it’s also a massively unattractive statement.

Today, then, a man’s choice of timepiece — whether phone, tablet, pocket, or wristwatch — says more about him than ever before.

Luckily, with an endless variety of styles and bands that are easily interchangeable, the wristwatch is still a man’s best friend for keeping the right time and making the right statement on the right occasion.

Drop the devices and use our wristwatch strap guide to ensure your timekeeping habits communicate style, authority, and elegance, and not ugliness, conformity, and distraction.

Leather Bands

Leather is a traditional and classic choice of strap for many men and many watches. Generally, high-quality supple leather is what you want, shaped into a plain design in black, brown, or tan — whatever suits your skin colour best.

For the bolder man, you can try alligator or python skin bands that will really stand out on the skin. For something more subtle but equally as stylish, check out straps with plain edge stitching, double-ridged, or rally designs.

Whatever style you go for, it’s important to keep a leather band dry as water damage can affect it permanently. This also means, however, that through regular wear, a leather band will mould comfortably to your wrist — making it perfect for casual, everyday wear.

Metal Bands

The classic metal bracelet band is arguably the most traditional, durable, and masculine choice for men. From plain to patterned, chunky to intricate link designs, a high-quality metal strap can add flair to any watch face.

Available in many finishes including gold, silver, stainless steel, or titanium, there’s a finish to match every man and skin tone. A combination of finishes is also a popular option for the man who can’t decide or wants to make a strong statement.

As opposed to leather, metal straps offer extra durability for active lifestyles. A quality vintage model with a stylish metal band will also never go out of style and can last a lifetime. To top it all off, removable links mean they’re ready to adjust and ensure you get the perfect fit.

Rubber Bands

Rubber is a relatively new material that’s used in low and mid-range watch brands. It, therefore, has that uniquely contemporary look to match the modern man’s active lifestyle, and is most commonly found in sports brands and models.

If you’re looking for long-term durability and comfort on the cheap, rubber is the choice for you. As well as there being unlimited choices in style and colour, watches with rubber bands move with you with little resistance and are both shock and waterproof.

Fabric Bands

The cheapest of all straps alongside rubber, fabric bands offer a lot for very little. Often made from woven nylon and other synthetic materials, fabric bands have a universal appeal and a high level of durability that make them ideal for the active outdoor lifestyle.

Nylon bands are a favourite for the adventurous or outdoorsy type. The woven fibre design is durable while also being comfortable, light, washable, and breathable. The only thing you need to keep an eye out for is any heavy wear on the fibres, to know when it’s time to replace your band.

With fabric bands, you can find everything from braided paracord to a classic small weave. They’re most commonly used in modern brands, but you may pick one up in a vintage Timex or military watch.